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Black Artist Collective: Two people are gathered around a table in a letterpress studio, wearing aprons. One student is rolling out paint on the table to prepare for a print, and the other person is watching over them.
HueArts NYS Brown Paper


Key Findings

HueArts NYS has introduced our project team to a truly remarkable group of dedicated leaders working on behalf of their communities under complex, diverse, and often starkly difficult circumstances. The entities they represent produce, present, and preserve important art, culture, and history despite multi-layered challenges and obstacles. Many of these leaders started as artists themselves, and then took on the role of arts leader/activist to help address the inequities their communities faced in the arts and cultural industry.

Following are our findings grouped into five main thematic categories:

  1. Funding & Finance
  2. Staffing & Professional Development
  3. Career and Professional Development
  4. Recognizing Value
  5. Physical Space
  6. Advocacy & Community Building

Specific observations, stories, and examples frequently relate to more than one thematic category, as in reality all of these are intertwined.

Top Photo: Black Artist Collective

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