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Limitations of Study

Black Artist Collective: A child is in the middle of hula hooping three hula hoops at one time - two of which have fallen to their feet. Behind them you can see a festival going on.
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Limitations of Study

As described above, several strategies were employed to collect extensive qualitative and quantitative data about these arts entities. We believe that the results are accurate, telling, and extremely informative. However, we recognize that the sample sizes are not large enough to draw sweeping conclusions about all Black, Latine, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, and all People of Color arts entities, which are racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse. Additionally, New York State itself is far from a monolith, comprising many cultures, diverse economies, urban centers, and less densely populated areas. We are only able to begin to understand the real estate and land, changing demographics, economics, and gentrification of the state.

This study does provide crucial information that has not been collected before. However, to do the kind of outreach needed to gather more conclusive data from a larger pool will require more time, people power, and significant financial resources. The current project is a necessary and compelling starting point that should serve as a call to action for funders, legislators, and community leaders.

Top Photo: Black Artist Collective

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