Let New York State electeds know that you support and prioritize POC arts communities.

Project Team and Goals

Museum Hue: A group of people are sitting around the floor around a poster, mid conversation.
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Project Team and Goals

HueArts NYS is a project of Museum Hue, the leading organization dedicated to advancing Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color in the cultural field; it is conducted in partnership with Hester Street, an urban planning, design and community development nonprofit.

In accordance with Museum Hue’s goal to uplift and center Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color arts entities throughout the conception and implementation of this project, we assembled a leadership team of BIPOC cultural producers to bring an authentic voice to the narrative around their work. The 14-member Advisory Committee of arts, culture, and historical leaders from throughout the state also played a key role in shaping this project.

The goals of the HueArts NYS initiative are to:

  1. Provide New York State and statewide municipal agencies, policymakers, private funders, philanthropists, peer organizations, arts and culture enthusiasts, and the general public with information about arts, cultural, and history entities founded and led by Black, Latine, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, and all People of Color, and outline specific calls to action (see “Recommendations”) that prompt actionable, sustainable change
  2. Identify and map POC-led and -founded performing and presenting arts entities working in communities throughout New York State
  3. Foster deeper and stronger relationships among BIPOC arts and cultural leaders
  4. Amplify the impact of POC arts entities, and increase support to sustain their critical contributions to city and rural life
  5. Advance racial and cultural equity, and an inclusive sense of belonging
  6. Expand and diversify both public and private investments in POC arts entities

Top Photo: Museum Hue

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